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March 24, 2016 - No Comments!

A New Start


My quest to rebrand or focus my personal brand continues. One thing that's been on my mind since the start is my name. UNLIKEYOU. It's very pretentious even though I don't mean it to be, but I can't ignore the negative connotation that comes with usage of the phrase "...unlike you...".

UNLIKEYOU has been with me for ten long years. I came up with it in college at FIDM. I was young and wanted to change the graphic design world through being different, but not just different but better. For me the two went hand in hand. I thought I was clever coming up with that name.


Before I learned the ways of design, I was a B-boy (breakdancer). I was introduced to breakdancing in the 90s and really focused on it during high school. In the B-Boy / Hip-Hop culture I grew up in ( not so much these days... ) it was frowned upon to "bite" or copy another person's style or moves. Originality was key. My whole B-Boy mentality during that time was to be different. To do moves that no one else has done or would have difficulty doing. This mentality trickled over to how I approached design. I didn't want to follow trends I wanted to make them. I don't remember the exact moment UNLIKEYOU was birthed in my head, but it is very much tied to my "different is better" mentality.


As I grew as a designer and I knew it wasn't enough to be different, but better. My ethos was to be greater than or equal to my peers and myself. That still is a part my ethos. It keeps me on my toes. There's no looking back. Every piece or project I work on should be my best piece because I've worked just as hard if not harder on it that the previous piece.

Now, it's no longer about me. As a designer, it is never about me. It's about the client and more importantly the end user. I'm not just making art for myself. I'm creating narratives for people to experience.


I'm creating narratives for people to experience.


I've matured much since 2006. A lot has transpired in my life. I've overcome a lot of obstacles. Personally and professionally. I put myself through school to get my bachelors degree while overcoming a mountain of personal issues. With that said. I've ascended beyond where I was and I'll continue to ascend as a person and a designer. UNLIKEYOU, although still an aspect of myself, is no longer where I'm at. I have a new name in mind but I'm still tossing it around before it sticks. Stay tuned.