Meet the Math Facts 

At Preschool Prep Company, I worked closely with my team to develop the logo and branding for our latest series; Meet the Math Facts, which has won four awards to date.

The logo is designed to illustrate speed and movement. This is due to the nature of a math fact. They're supposed to be at the tip of the tongue. So I used a custom sans-serif font in italics to convey motion.

The swoosh behind is the wind and also our level indicator (the series is broken up into three parts). We picked three primary colors to differentiate each level, with a calm blue being the main for the series as it's friendly and approachable.


I was responsible for designing all packaging for the series, which was a total of twelve products (thirteen if you include the DVD box set). The products include: DVDs, flashcards, workbooks and coloring books. To indicate the level, as stated above, colors were used along with plainly stating the level on the tab of the upper right corner of every product. This is to let customers know that they are a part of a set.

The math facts that are taught in a particular product are indicated on the tab on the lower left corner of each product. This way customers clearly know which level they are getting as the level is indicated three times; by color, and by the two tabs in the upper right and lower left corner of each product.