Veil – Product Design

Veil is a company I developed that simply makes cases to protect your goods with the goal to inspire creators and guide them to channeling the infinite into the finite. —

The Problem (Back Story)

I would carry my softbound sketchbooks in my backpack and they would gradually get damaged from constant use and rubbing against books and other things in my bag. Also, the thing with softbound sketchbooks is that if it's tough to write or draw on without a hard surface and limits ease of use away from a table of sorts. To remedy these two problems I came up with a cover that has a soft cover and a hard back. This provides overall protection as well as a hard surface to write on. An added bonus is that it retains some the ease of use of having a softbound sketchbook.

Playing off the simplicity of sketchbooks. It utilizes sharp lines and premium materials with complimenting contrast in the combination of materials. 

There are sketchbook covers and sleeves that are made of leather and some that are made of wood but not many that combine the two materials in this way. 


The Veil brand identity draws inspiration from Islamic tesselations. The patterns are representative of the infinite as they can go on and on. Veil is the bridge between the infinite and the finite.